"I think having land and not ruining it is the most beautiful art that anybody could want to own."
Andy Warhol

Goodman, McDougall & Associates Ltd.

Values and beliefs


  • We work with clients to co-create desired futures that consider all stakeholders;
  • We ensure that clients learn new skills and competencies through working with us;
  • If there isn’t a “fit” between our values or services and that of a potential client, we will recommend another consultant or process;
  • We focus our efforts on retaining valued clients and gratefully accept their referrals. We have a network of value based, competent professionals for client referrals;
  • We don’t have competitors, we have opportunities for strategic alliances. There is enough work in our marketplace for us to develop and nurture relationships with consultants in complementary disciplines;
  • We act to the best of our ability respecting confidentiality and demonstrating compassion and integrity in all our dealings and relationships. As Certified HR Professionals, we are bound by the Human Resources Institute of Alberta and Canadian Council of HR Associations Statements of Ethics.

Profit (financial and social)

  • Our consulting rates are sensitive to the work we do and the sector in which we are working;
  • We are “rooted in place and placed in community”. We give a percentage of annual profits to selected local social profit and charitable groups in the areas of the environment, the arts and health care.


  • We mitigate our footprint on the planet through reducing our consumption, making conscious decisions when consuming and purchasing offsets for our energy consumption. GMA is powered by Bullfrog Power.