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    Gervais created a photo essay on our property Imagine8acres

    Imagine8acres from Gervais Goodman on Vimeo

    In 2010 we placed a Conservation Easement on our home/business property through the Foothills Land Trust which will protect the land from man-made alterations "in perpetuity" - and that's a long time!

    The images you see on this site are of and from our property, © Gervais Goodman.
Welcome to Goodman, McDougall & Associates Ltd. and The Learning SanctuaryTM.

We believe that working can be a great experience, one that allows staff to meet their needs, fulfill the organization's goals and contribute to society.

Our part of that experience is to offer total rewards and process facilitation consulting - and we've being providing these services since 1991.

We are Gervais Goodman, CHRP and Janice McDougall, CHRP.

Our home-based business has been powered by wind generated electricity since 2007. Go to Bullfrog Power to see how your home or business can be too.